H.E. Ambassador attended the “15th Ashikita International Festival” in Kumamoto Prefecture

At the invitation of Mr. Kazunari Takezaki, Mayor of Ashikita town and Chair of the Ashikita International Association, H.E. Ambassador Chea Kimtha attended the “15th Ashikita International Festival” on 23rd October 2016 at Ashikita town, Kumamoto Prefecture.

The purpose of the invitation in the Festival was to mark the “20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Ashikita International Association” and especially congratulate the 20-year relationship between Cambodia and Ashikita.

The Ashikita International Association was established in December 1996 and has started the school-building campaign in Cambodia since its establishment. The Association has so far built many schools in Cambodia and also made student-student exchange programs between Ashikita and Cambodia for mutual understanding in the field of education and culture.